Spuds and Wine

Tater Tots and Wine

Tater tots and wine may seem like an unlikely match. Yet, why shouldn’t casual grub from the frozen food aisle be enjoyed with a nice glass of wine? Since there is an official National Tater Tot Day (I promise, I don’t make these things up), here are some of my favorite dipping sauces and wines to accompany the crispy potato bites.

Tater Tot Dips and Wines

Pesto Dip + Rosé
This pairing is a result of my yearning for spring, when we’re inclined to drink pink with greater frequency. The bright pop of a lemon laced pesto is so refreshing, and even more complex when part of an herb based sauce. Plus, the dip comes together quickly by mixing equal parts of pesto with sour cream. A nice, crisp rosé makes a lovely accompaniment.

Chimichurri + Torrontés
Both Chimichurri, an herb sauce similar to pesto, and the white wine, Torrontés, hail from south of the border. As the saying goes, if it grows together it goes together.

Guacomole + Albarino
If you love margaritas, you’re bound to appreciate Albarino! This vivacious white wine from Spain has the hallmark flavors of lime backed with a surprising salinity. Doesn’t that sound like the ultimate pairing for guac?

Barbecue Bean Dip + Zinfandel
What wine complements anything barbecue better than a nice, fruity Zinfandel? Check out Lodi for its beguiling Zins at reasonable prices.

Sloppy Tots + Cabernet Franc
That’s right, I said Sloppy Tots! Instead of a bun, throw that Sloppy Joe mixture on a bed of crispy tater tots. Then pour a Cabernet Franc alongside. The variety pairs well with the green pepper in the dish.

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