Let’s Talk About Putting Ice in Wine

Is it okay to put ice in wine? I recently asked the question on Instagram. Oh boy, is it a divisive topic! So let’s talk about putting ice in wine. Read on for some of the responses in addition to some great suggestions for keeping wine chilled on hot summer days.

My question:

“Dare I ask, would you rather put ice in your wine in or drink it too warm? It’s a tough call. Who wants watered down wine, right? Then again, I’m reminded of the refreshing afternoon weinschorles of Germany. It’s a mix of wine and a carbonated beverage, typically sparkling mineral water. It’s one way to cool down on a warm day without overindulging.”

Additionally, I took a poll on Instagram stories simply asking, “Is it okay to put ice in wine?” The results are nearly evenly split, with 48% replying, “Sure!” Nevertheless, the “No way!” vote won by 52%.

The thing is, when wine – red or white – is served at the wrong temperature, it just doesn’t taste the way it’s meant to. Not only are subtle nuances lost, the alcohol is enhanced. Not to mention, if it’s a scorching summer’s day, warm wine isn’t going to be the least bit refreshing. Take that bottle on the patio or deck, and the temperature of its contents isn’t going to stay at serving temperature on its own.

Nevertheless, comments on my post indicate that people tend to have very strong opinions about putting ice in wine – unless it’s in the form of Sangria. They also have some suggested alternatives.

Six Ways to Keep Wine Chilled

Water Bath

This suggested technique is one I use when the wine hasn’t been chilled at all. Simply fill an ice bucket almost to the top with a combination of ice, water, and salt. Immerse a bottle of wine, and in about 10 minutes it will be chilled. If you don’t have an ice bucket, use whatever you have. Depending on the number of bottles you need to chill, anything from a large mixing bowl to the kitchen sink can work! These days, it’s all about using what you have on hand, right?

Ice Bucket

After the wine is chilled, whether it’s done via the aforementioned water bath or in the fridge, maintain the desired temperature by keeping the bottle(s) on ice.

Whiskey Stones/Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

While some people suggested whiskey stones or stainless steel ice cubes for keeping wine cool without diluting it, someone commented that it makes the wine taste funny.

Frozen Grapes

This seems like another great idea for sangria!

Ice Pack

Wrap a soft ice pack around a bottle.

Ice Cubes

Of course, let’s not forget this solution. Haters gonna hate, but is a hot glass of wine really better?

What are your thoughts on the great ice debate? It’s not too late to head on over to Instagram and talk about putting ice in wine. #LetsTalkAboutWine

Or maybe you’d rather peruse some recipes to pair with your summer wine! Try my easy tomato salad on herbed yogurt, or chilled cherry soup.