Let’s Talk About Wine Label Redesign

This week on Instagram I asked a question about a label redesign:

“Tell me true – do you ever purchase a wine based on its label? Which of these two labels do you prefer? Just look at this – a brand refresh can make a big difference. It can also be a risk. It’s expensive, takes time, and people won’t see that familiar label they’re used to reaching for. Does it even matter? I have my opinion, but I’d like to know yours!”

wine label redesign
The label on the left is the new design.

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Haha! The age old question lol…i am not, i am a minimalist when it comes to label purchasing but ultimately i am a vintage purchaser
VinoSocial: when you choose a vintage are you doing it based on the vintage ratings in the wine publications or looking at cool vintage vs. warm vintage?
Depends, sometimes i do the publication check, but i do normally gage by cool vs warm and what im pairing or just how my mood is lol…lots of variables

I’d be attracted to the new black label over the barn for sure if I was buying by label.

If I don’t know the wine the label can have some influence on which one I try first. If I love the wine, the label doesn’t matter

Yes you’d be surprised the influence a label has on sales – I like the black label

The black label looks more exclusive with its gold lettering. The other one seems more like an everyday wine.

Ooh that’s a tough one. I’ve absolutely purchased fun and/or beautiful labels. For some reason I gravitate toward the classic barn as opposed to the sleek black (even though it looks great).

Interesting you ask this. Thursday our company is hosting a conference ALL about wine packaging, design and marketing and we’ll have guest speakers who’ll talk about the best practices in rebranding assessing risk vs reward

Dark labels are such a risk if you’re selling in retail establishments. They just get lost in the crowd.

It has been ages since buying based on label. Now not so. The black label looks classy and high end and the other more small town/ country life.

The left one looks more expensive, the right one looks more family-owned??

I’m a sucker for nostalgia and landscape paintings. In other words, I will miss that barn on the label. 🙁 The redesign was tastefully done, though.

I never let the “packaging of a wine” sway me in either direction. Reading the labels may be of value when you don’t know the wine. But I can tell you from my retail days so many people purchase wine because how the label looks!

Black label with gold.. looks more professional and well thought out.

I prefer the one with the red barn. I’m a sucker for barns.

I didn’t know they were redoing their label – I’ll miss the barn! 🙁 The new one looks more modern and expensive, but not very unique.

Honestly it all has to do with their brand image. Yes the one on the left is modern and beautiful but is that the “image” they want to project?

Love the Walla Walla wines!

I always do 😂 I’m not as wine savvy as some!

Being in the industry for 2 decades certainly has an impact on purchasing habits. I tend to buy based upon research and prior knowledge but once in a blue moon the label strikes me 😉

Of course! The barn

Many people buy based on labels. I like them back but the black one is more luxurious looking

I know this wine (love it) and the barn helps me find it on the shelf.. I might have overlooked it had I not known of the makeover, so thank you for the share… it’s a “top shelf” and I’m short

I prefer the barn label

I’m a sucker for labels – nothing better than dressed in black👌husband liked left…said it looks classier. We are not familiar with winery so we’re the “outsider” impression

There are so many different takes on this label redesign, which makes it all the more interesting. Many thanks to this fantastic community of wine lovers on Instagram! I’m so grateful that my posts get this kind of conversation started. #LetsTalkAboutWine