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Easy Comfort Foods and Wine Pairings

Who’s ready for some more comfort food? Pasta and pizza have been heavy in the rotation lately. Now, I’m eagerly incorporating other options that require minimal prep. After all, it’s a little challenging mustering up the energy to cook a gourmet feast for two every single night. Here are some of my go to easy comfort foods that taste fantastic, and pair well with wine.

Any of these are terrific appetizer options. As the weather heats up, however, it’s very tempting to assemble an assortment of these dishes together as a grazing board and call it dinner.

Truffled Cannellini Bean Dip

1 can unsalted Cannelini Beans
1 1/2 teaspoons truffle salt
2 Tablespoons truffle oil

Throw it all in a food processor and whir it up until smooth. Transfer to bowl and top with an additional drizzle of truffle oil if desired. Serve with toasted bread, crackers, or sliced vegetables such as celery, cucumber, or fennel.

We’ve had some trouble finding cannellini beans in the stores lately. So, hummus is my backup.

Wine pairing: you can’t go wrong with sparkling wine (yes, even on a weeknight)! Or try Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or Gamay Noir.


Is there anything better than rich, creamy fresh burrata? I can’t imagine. I love it with Puttanesca Sauce. Alternatively, I like to dress it up a bit with some flavorful accents. Pick any or all of the following:

  • shavings of citrus zest
  • a drizzle of EVOO
  • some minced mint
  • a sprinkling of crushed pistachios

Cut into it and spread it on toasted bread.

Wine pairing for Buratta:

Rosé (one of my favorites comes from Devison Vintners).
Muller Thurgau, or any number of fun alt wines from Oregon.

Potato Chips

Is there a more classic comfort snack than potato chips? We placed an order for no-contact pickup at DeLaurenti and had to order the truffle chips!

Wine Pairing for Potato Chips

Sparkling wines are the classic pairing for crunchy, salty snacks. That means Prosecco, Pet Nat, and Champagne are all fair game!


Any salami is easy to serve up, but in our endeavor to support small local business we seek out our favorite Seattle purveyor of salami, Salt Blade. This brand is usually a fixture at our local farmers market. While that’s on hold, we can still order direct from them. Salt Blade believes in direct support of sustainable farming practices, plus they have some really innovative flavors.

Wine Pairing for Salt Blade

Salt Blade Orange and Coriander pairs well with a vibrant white wine such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer, or Pinot Gris.

The Seattle Stick, features cocoa nibs from Theo Chocolate (a surprising yet delectable ingredient) and can actually get along well with red wines. A slightly chilled Lambrusco is a great choice on a warm day.

What easy comfort foods and pairings have you been enjoying? Head on over to Twitter or Instagram and let me know!

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