Explore Seattle Urban Wineries During #TryJanuary

It’s here – the fun way to make wine discoveries and break out of a Cabernet Sauvignon rut! Take the #TryJanuary challenge and explore Seattle Urban Wineries. The idea is to try new-to-you grape varieties, wines, and wineries. With over 80  varieties grown in Washington State, and a proliferation of tasting rooms in Seattle there is a lot to investigate. Make it even more entertaining and turn wine tasting into an inspired scavenger hunt of sorts. The resources below make it easy.

Disclosure: I am an associate member of Seattle Urban Wineries and a volunteer board member. My idea for the challenge was devised as a way to help wine consumers experience some fun during what can often be a dreary month. At the same time, my hope is to aid the wineries and locals employed by them in the often painfully slow month of January. I am not paid for my work on this. Thank you for all you do to help the local wine industry thrive!

Explore Alternative Varieties

Use the graphic below for inspiration to try some new-to-you varieties. By the way, these unsung heroes are typically priced less than the ever prevalent Cabernet Sauvignon. So if you discover a new wine that you want to take home, it might actually save you money!

Geeky Grape Varieties

For a closer glance at some of these selections take a look at Twenty Fun Red Washington Wine Varieties You Need to Try.

Visit Different Tasting Rooms

With locations from the Ravenna/Roosevelt area down to South Park and in between, there are a number of destinations in which to find some new to you wines or wineries!

24 Seattle Wineries

Taste Different Wine Styles

While many wineries age their most prestigious bottlings in oak barrels or their crisp whites in stainless steel, some are using vessels such as clay amphorae or concrete tanks. Why not learn more about various winemaking practices and explore some different wine styles?

#TryJanuary Bingo Card

About Seattle Urban Wineries

When Paul Beveridge founded Wilridge Winery in 1988 his operation in the Madrona neighborhood was the first of its kind. Since 2000 an evolution in Washington state laws led to increased numbers of permissible satellite tasting rooms for wineries. The winning outcome is a proliferation of wine tasting venues in Seattle. That’s great news for us city slickers who want a closer to home option beyond the drive to Woodinville Wine Country in order to spend a day exploring the region’s wine scene.

Did you know???

  • Seattle Urban Wineries is a non-profit organization.
  • The collective membership is comprised of more than 20 wineries and tasting rooms.
  • Many recognize SODO Urban Works as a great place to experience multiple wineries in one day. However, it is by no means the sole wine destination in the city.
  • There is a full list of Seattle Urban Wineries on the website.

Plan Your Visit

An itinerary for “How to Spend a Day Wine Tasting in West Seattle” by yours truly is available via Explore Washington State.

“How to Spend a Day Wine Tasting in Pioneer Square” is due to be published soon.

Of course, more winery and tasting room visits can be found on my Instagram account.

Meanwhile, explore Seattle Urban Wineries on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.

No matter which winery tasting rooms you visit, share your experience on social media and use the hashtag #SeattleUrbanWineries. That way others can also be introduced to your finds. I can’t wait to see what you discover!!

Easy Savory Baked Apple Recipe with Wine Pairing

This easy savory baked apple recipe shows up regularly for dinner at our house. The apples can be prepared ahead of time, then served at room temperature. It’s the kind of dish that works as well for an everyday dinner yet looks impressive enough for a special occasion meal. It’s also quite at home on a brunch table. Plus, it’s every bit as tasty the next day, so I usually plan to make leftovers.

easy savory baked apple recipe

Inspiration for this dish comes from the book, On Rue Tatin by Susan Herrmann Loomis. It’s a fascinating read in which recipes comingle with the tale of how she and her family adapt to life in Normandy, France and transform an old convent into their residence.

Although there aren’t many recipes in the book, it has earned a spot on the shelf among other cookbooks I frequently reference. Continue reading “Easy Savory Baked Apple Recipe with Wine Pairing”

Washington Wineries Attain Slow Wine Awards

The Slow Wine Guide USA 2022 is now available. This edition includes twelve Washington wineries. That’s nine more than the 2021 edition. Better still, two are recognized with Slow Wine’s top honors. Read on for some insights about the Washington wineries that attained Slow Wine awards.

Of the 36 wines published in the Washington chapter for this edition of the Guide, nine are named Top Wines. Of the wines sampled, these represent the finest bottles from a sensory point of view. From cool climate Madeleine Angevine to the state’s first commercial plantings of Sagrantino, the varieties represented showcase the diversity of grapes that can  successfully grow in Washington. Combined with styles ranging from carbonic maceration to well-made pet nats, the wines in this publication exhibit the exciting range of winemaking in the state. Continue reading “Washington Wineries Attain Slow Wine Awards”

Irresistible Washington Wines Under $26

While celebrating Washington Wine Month throughout March, I opened a number of bottles that reminded me of the remarkable values crafted by our state’s wineries. Here they are, irresistible Washington wines under $26 in order of price point along with food pairings. If these wineries aren’t already on your radar they should be!

Powers Winery 2016 Merlot

Retail price $12.99 at Esquin

On a recent visit to VinoSocial client Esquin I asked for a Washington Merlot under $30 that isn’t heavily oaked. With over 5,400 wines in stock, I was surprised the recommended wine came in at less than half the budget! For the price, I was willing to take a chance.

What’s in the Bottle

100% Merlot fermented in stainless steel, aged in a combination of second use, third fill, and neutral French oak.

With fruit coming from the ethereal Champoux Vineyard (Quilceda Creek, Andrew Will, and Woodward Canyon source from here), plus vineyards in the Wahluke Slope it’s hard to believe what a great value this is.

Blackberry, Tootsie Roll, and dark chocolate comingle in this weeknight winner with lifted acidity.

Food Pairing

Hubby and I tried this out with whole grain spaghetti topped with marinara sauce and I’d do it again!


Kevin White Winery 2020 Blue Label

Continue reading “Irresistible Washington Wines Under $26”

How to Spend a Day in Woodinville Wine Country

It’s easy to spend a day in Woodinville Wine Wine Country. Home to around 130 wineries, it’s just a thirty-minute drive from Seattle. That makes it a great destination for a staycation or weekend escape. Here’s an itinerary for a full day of tasting and dining from the perspective of a wine industry insider. Continue reading “How to Spend a Day in Woodinville Wine Country”