5 Easy Tartines with Romesco Sauce and Wine

One of the most popular recipes here on the VinoSocial Blog is for romesco sauce. It’s one of my favorites, too. After all, preparation takes mere minutes with a toss of ingredients into the food processor to whirr them up. Plus the robust sauce pairs well with red wine. Not only is the preparation vegan and vegetarian friendly, the recipe can be used to prepare a meal in minutes. With that in mind, here are 5 easy tartines with Romesco sauce and wine.

While in Walla Walla this summer to interview Washington wineries for the Slow Wine Guide USA, I took a lunch break at the newish Valdemar Estates. This wildly popular destination where fifth generation Rioja producers and Washington wine intersect serves a tasty Spinach and Garbanzo Tartine. Essentially an open-faced sandwich, it makes a satisfying meal when served with a salad or additional tapas. Pair with Tempranillo and put a fork in me, I am done!



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Let’s Talk About Slow Wine

Are you familiar with Slow Wine? We’re not talking “all natural,” or “clean,” wine which are basically marketing gimmicks anyway. Some might use the term sustainable, but even winemakers can’t seem to agree on what that means. So, let’s talk about Slow Wine and touch on what it really means and why it matters. Then, I’ll reveal a dozen wineries in Washington where you can find Slow Wine and, lastly, provide additional resources for those who wish to take a deeper dive.

Bob and Joel tend the land at Horsepower Vineyards

What is Slow Wine?

My summer was dedicated to visiting and interviewing Washington wineries and tasting wines for The Slow Wine Guide USA 2022. In this quest I’ve encountered properties where draft horses work the vineyards, marmots help fertilize the vines, and exciting varieties like Madeleine Angevine, Gruner Veltliner, and Sagrantino grow. While words like “lively” and “vibrant” permeate my tasting notes, there are also comments such as, “More please!” and, “Savory for days.” In other words, these are delectable wines.

Wilridge Vineyards in Naches Heights AVA grows varieties including Nebbiolo and Zweigelt

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Let’s Talk About Washington Wine Month

It happens twice a year. This time, there are some twists. So let’s talk about Washington Wine Month,
new ways to celebrate with the Auction of Washington Wines, and how to win a weekend getaway to Washington.

Before we dive in, feel free to review my hashtag guide to Washington Wine Month which offers some explanation as to why we have two months dedicated to vinous celebrations.

Let's talk about Washington Wine Month
Check out the Sip Around Seattle auction lot (number 171) and place your bid!

Celebrate the Auction of Washington Wines

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Washington Syrah Challenge Mid-Year Check In

It’s time to conduct a Washington Syrah challenge mid-year check in! Perhaps this will offer inspiration if you’re wondering which Syrahs to explore in the remaining months of the challenge. If not, it will serve as a reminder for me, since it’s already a struggle to recall some of my choices earlier this year!

Two Syrahs from Boushey

Pro Tip:
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Ten Top Tips on Pairing Cava with Food

If you think sparkling wines are only for special occasions, think again! Ray Isle of Food and Wine Magazine recently conducted a virtual tasting featuring sparkling wines of Cava DOC. From that Cava in the Kitchen event, here are ten top tips on pairing Cava with food any day of the week. Ray swears it’s sure to improve your life immensely!

Now, before we dive in, keep in mind that Cava is a remarkable bargain in a lot of cases. The samples I received of six sparklers featured in the online event ranged from a mere $12.99 to $22.99.

Ten Top Tips on Pairing Cava with Food

Pro Tips from Ray Isle

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