What people are saying about Nancy’s work:

“I met Nancy at a South Seattle Community College wine and cheese pairing class in 2010 and have been in awe of her vast wine knowledge, experience, and ability to share information not only through social media channels, but face to face as well. As an owner of a small, highly competitive business, I recognize the critical importance of social media and am thrilled to have Nancy in charge of our social media program! She continues to educate us on the intricacies of the tools; provide consistent, engaging posts; and increase our brand awareness through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Nancy has organically tripled our reach and increased loyal follower growth 120% on our social media channels.”
Sheila Jirka, Owner
Davenport Cellars

“I really enjoyed your presentation. I learned a lot about how to use social media to benefit wineries and the Washington wine community as a whole.”
Student, Northwest Wine Academy